One Day to Public Launch

Those who accepted the secret quest and found the Discord have had a sneak peek, but I’m getting ready to launch to the world on Friday. It’s still a work in progress. More than a couple people have offered great ideas that will make the site better for us all. I want to use the blog for new features and what-not, so here’s a look at some of what I’ve added tonight.

I need to fix the “There was a problem” message to make it more clear too, but here’s some new options for Magic Items.
The same options are now available for Character Spells too.

I’ve also made a few small changes to the Creature Codex to allow someone to create robots and mechs.

Robot Mech Example.

Eventually I want to flesh it out more. I’m not sure yet if Science-Fiction should be separate or part of the Fantasy generators. If you have an opinion, leave a comment below. (Or take the secret quest to find us on Discord!)

The next thing to do – which I’ve been putting off – is setting up the rest of the library. I’ve also had some questions from authors about the ability to create without it going into the public library. Should that be the $20/month level?

Again, if you have thoughts about anything, leave a comment below, find me on Twitter or Discord or wherever and let me know! Together, we can make this into something really special, I think. That’s the plan, anyway.

Okay, I need to get back to work finishing this up for Friday, but I wanted to stop and document what I’m working on so that when people start arriving here it doesn’t feel so empty. I’ll try to keep all big news and announcements here on the blog, or at least share it here eventually!

More soon…